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Examples of 'Stygian' in a Sentence

1. The room was filled with Stygian shadows that danced on the walls.
2. Her Stygian eyes held a depth of sadness I couldn't comprehend.
3. The Stygian cellar was chilly and filled with an eerie silence.
4. On stormy nights, the sea adopted a Stygian hue, signaling the danger that lurked.
5. He was lost in the Stygian corridors of the ancient catacombs.
6. The Stygian corners of the room harbored secrets only the old house knew.
7. The Stygian landscape of the desert was both intimidating and fascinating.
8. In the Stygian sky, only a few stars dared to twinkle.
9. A Stygian cloud of despair hung over the once bustling city.
10. The Stygian cave concealed unimaginable mysteries from the world outside.
11. She was engulfed in a Stygian wave of sorrow.
12. The Stygian depths of his pain were etched on his face.
13. The Stygian silence of the forest was unnerving, making us alert to every sound.
14. The painting depicted a Stygian scene that was oddly captivating.

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