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Spelling Bee: ACT 11 (American College Testing) Words

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ACT 11 (American College Testing)

adjoining, ad-lib, ailment, allotment, analogy, annals, anonymous, astonishment, authority, binary, boycott, cavity, colleague, commiserate, communicative, compact, conceive, concern, conservative, conspiracy, contract, covert, customary, dependency, designate, dislocate, elated, encompassing, envision, expanse, extinguish, faction, flawed, glitch, hoist, hydraulic, illiterate, impermanent, inconceivable, inconsistent, insecure, institution, intercept, invalidate, irrecoverable, laden, legitimize, misinterpretation, mutual, notional, oasis, occupant, oceanic, pacify, penmanship, pertain, piracy, provocative, proximity, quarantine, questionable, radius, residence, resident, response, revival, scale, spindle, subliminal, superlative, tailored, trustworthy, venue, vibe, wannabe

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