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Spelling Bee: ACT 14 (American College Testing) Words

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ACT 14 (American College Testing)

adherence, ad-hoc, aeronautical, airborne, amass, amble, auction, avert, bias, canopy, charade, collegial, commercial, concurrent, contender, contour, crescendo, culmination, debit, disembark, disillusionment, disjointed, dominion, elation, empirical, enhancement, ensnare, expenditure, foolhardy, galore, globule, hardwired, hollow, hysterical, identify, ideology, immature, immortal, imperfection, indifference, individuality, induce, inquest, integrate, limerick, majestic, malpractice, manhandle, marquee, mercy, misdemeanor, mockery, motion, mutiny, nipper, nutrient, philosophy, piecemeal, pounce, prance, predecessor, predicament, queasy, reluctant, reserved, revitalizing, shrivel, stern, stimulating, superstitious, thereafter, toxic, triumphant, undirected, vile

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