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Spelling Bee: 'Art and Creativity' Vocabulary List

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Art and Creativity

adorn, antagonist, anthropomorphism, antique, apologue, artful, artisan, artist, artistic, avant-garde, bijou, bouquet, bunting, calligraphy, characterization, chiaroscuro, choreography, collage, colossus, conjure, conjuring, daub, display, doodle, easel, effigy, emblazon, emboss, enchant, ensemble, entrancing, exhibition, fanciful, festoon, florid, fresco, geisha, graffiti, haiku, highbrow, illustrate, improvised, ingenious, innovative, inscribe, inscription, inspiration, inspire, kaleidoscope, kitsch, leitmotif, lurid, maestro, montage, mosaic, motif, mural, ode, oeuvre, ornate, panache, pastiche, patchwork, penmanship, personify, piece-de-resistance, realism, replica, satirist, script, sketch, stanza, surreal, tapestry, troubadour

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