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Spelling Bee: 'Choices and Decisions' Vocabulary List

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Choices and Decisions

abolish, adamant, ambidextrous, arbitrary, assert, avarice, a-la-carte, boycott, catalyst, chance, conform, conscience, contingent, deny, deontology, descend, dilemma, discerning, discretion, dither, easel, exclude, flexible, forgo, frame, frugal, gamble, gauge, hasten, hesitate, impel, inclination, indecision, insist, insistence, integrity, judgment, mandate, ordinance, outfit, parsimonious, patent, posit, probity, propriety, provisional, proxy, prude, rebel, rebellious, recruit, reject, representation, retort, reveal, reverse, revise, scheme, scruples, stipulation, subpoena, swap, trait, tryst, vacillate, veer, volunteer

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