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Spelling Bee: Command and Constraint Words

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Command and Constraint

abolish, banister, bureaucracy, charge, chastise, constrict, contravene, control, coup-d'état, despot, diffident, diktat, directive, disciplinarian, divest, docile, dogmatic, dominate, domination, duress, enclosure, exert, fanatical, frugality, fundamentalist, gait, garrison, gaslight, gerrymander, grasp, henchman, impulse, incarcerate, instill, interlope, junta, kleptocracy, kowtow, lawlessness, litigious, malleable, manacle, mandatory, monastic, mutable, myrmidon, oppression, probity, puritan, quell, recalcitrant, restrict, revoke, scruples, solidify, sovereignty, spartan, stricture, subordinate, sway, swindle, technocratic, transgression, umpire, unbridled, violate, witchcraft

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