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Spelling Bee: Conduct and Character Words

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Conduct and Character

abstinent, allegation, apolitical, brash, bumptious, civil, clinical, combative, compliant, comport, crapulous, elated, faux-pas, firebrand, fraudulent, gesture, glib, gracious, graft, gyrate, hector, hostile, idiotic, ignoble, imbecilic, impious, impostor, impudence, impudent, iniquitous, instinct, insubordinate, intransigent, introvert, jape, jibe, lawlessness, malevolent, masochist, miserly, misinformation, mutiny, myrmidon, nonchalant, obnoxious, philanderer, phlegmatic, pontificate, prima-donna, proper, racist, rebel, recalcitrant, regiment, regurgitate, rehash, reluctant, reproach, reticent, riffraff, righteous, scruples, sedate, seethe, sinister, snooty, stoic, sybarite, tractable, unassuming, unbridled, unfriendly, uninhibited, unvirtuous, upbraid, venal, vilify, vituperative

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