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Spelling Bee: Criminal Justice and Penalties Words

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Criminal Justice and Penalties

accomplice, acquittal, adjudicator, alibi, apprehend, arraign, arson, attest, comeuppance, contraband, culprit, debar, delinquent, de-jure, dragoon, embezzle, espionage, exculpate, expulsion, extortion, extradite, forfeit, gallows, genocide, guillotine, heist, illicit, impound, impunity, indict, informant, inquisition, interrogate, jurisdiction, larceny, legitimate, lynch, mandate, maraud, mercenary, misdemeanor, offender, ordinance, parole, permissible, perpetrator, pilfer, pillage, plaintiff, probation, promulgate, racketeer, ransom, recidivism, remand, retribution, sanction, spouse, treason, vigilante

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