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Spelling Bee: 'Education and Mastery' Vocabulary List

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Education and Mastery

academia, accredit, accreditation, accredited, adept, adroit, alma-mater, alumni, ambidextrous, audile, college, comprehend, delve, dialectic, didactic, digest, dissect, dissection, dissertation, distill, efficient, eminent, erudition, ethnography, examination, familiarize, fluent, glean, handbook, hippocratic, illiterate, inculcate, induct, induction, introductory, learn, learning, master, matriculate, mentor, novice, pedagogical, pedagogy, peruse, phonics, polymath, precocious, prodigy, rubric, savant, scholarship, scholastic, schooling, shorthand, specialist, stimulate, streamlined, studious, symposium, thesis, tradesman, tutelage, university, virtuoso

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