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Spelling Bee: Effort and Exertion Words

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Effort and Exertion

annuity, aplomb, botch, calligraphy, champion, circumnavigate, combatants, compel, convulse, demanding, diligence, dogged, drive, evasive, excavate, excogitate, extrude, fathom, federation, forage, forbear, forbearance, graft, grapple, gravitas, handicraftsman, hasten, heave, indolent, ingenuity, initiate, initiative, intensify, intensive, keenness, litigate, maneuver, missionary, ordeal, painstaking, peddle, perforate, premeditated, protester, pugilist, punishing, ravenous, reboot, sacrifice, scale, scramble, scrub, sortie, spiel, strenuous, stupefy, tinker, transcribe, unabating, vigor, volunteer, zeal

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