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Spelling Bee: 'Excellence and Eminence' Vocabulary List

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Excellence and Eminence

acme, apex, apogee, apotheosis, artisan, astute, brilliant, buff, celestial, charm, conceit, cum-laude, deluxe, design, elegant, eminence, eminent, exception, exceptional, extol, extraordinary, gallantry, gastronome, geniality, immaculate, impeccable, jejune, knowledgeable, luminary, model, optimum, orator, paragon, peerless, perfect, pinnacle, preeminent, pristine, prove, prowess, quintessence, rapid, recital, recite, refine, regency, renovate, sanctity, seraphic, significant, smart, smith, sophisticated, splendid, standard, sterling, sublime, supreme, swanky, touchstone, trailblazer, unblemished, unsurpassed, vindicate, voluble, wizardry

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