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Spelling Bee: High School 5 Words

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High School 5

acculturate, ancestry, appease, appreciation, argue, attentive, backer, bedouin, bless, byword, centrifugal, collection, corporal, covering, credential, derive, destiny, devalue, disgrace, double-entendre, empathize, extraneous, former, fragrant, gargantuan, gazette, grab, idol, ignorant, importune, impropriety, indifference, instil, intimacy, iota, irregular, juxtaposed, kooky, lapdog, layman, marxism, meteoric, mischievous, neoliberalism, notional, obliviousness, omission, opening, orthogonal, passivity, peckish, peculiar, personify, predispose, privy, profusion, prolong, prospect, recusant, response, salvation, sensational, shade, sinecure, slapstick, spike, surround, tabula-rasa, tardily, tedium, torpor, turnstile, underwrite, unusual, vector

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