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Spelling Bee: 'High School 7' Vocabulary List

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High School 7

abide, acknowledge, aegis, affectation, album, alfresco, amend, amends, assist, audio, barista, biting, breathless, causation, coincidence, comforting, condense, confide, conjectural, contagious, convenience, cremate, dependency, disaffirm, distract, divide, enervated, engulf, ensign, expectant, familiarize, freestanding, generous, ghostly, gratis, groupthink, hefty, hurtful, hurtling, incomplete, inextricably, inflation, intern, interval, introductory, irrevocable, latency, magic, maintain, maintenance, manhandle, mix, nostrum, nucleus, nuisance, oppressed, optimistic, prejudice, presuppose, ream, recipient, reciprocity, regarding, remit, salivate, scupper, siesta, subservience, sundry, tipple, tutelage, uncommon, vacuum, vested, yardstick

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