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Spelling Bee: High School 8 Words

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High School 8

acerbity, actualize, adrift, aftermath, ambience, amenity, apparatus, atrocious, avoid, bargain, barricade, beg, blatant, bloat, circumambient, combination, congeal, convince, decadence, dislike, elite, encompassing, exemption, exposure, flawed, fluid, grating, haphazard, imitate, imponderable, inaudible, incongruence, incorrect, indigence, indignity, individualistic, infantilize, inhibition, inroad, instinct, intoxicate, lacerate, linchpin, liquidate, magazine, malevolence, monopolize, mysterious, naysayer, nestle, nickname, niggle, nimble, nonsensical, noon, obscurity, obtrude, opposite, outraged, primitive, prostitute, pucker, redeem, romance, slumber, soften, supplant, swoon, syphon, unbeliever, vandalism, venue, voracity, vulgar, weaken

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