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Spelling Bee: 'High School 9' Vocabulary List

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High School 9

activate, adaptation, adulate, affectionate, agog, ajar, analysis, background, badger, barbaric, behavior, benevolence, blunt, brainless, brashness, capable, cardiovascular, catastrophe, complicit, contravention, counsel, debouch, deliberately, desultory, devoid, dinky, dishonorable, dispersed, dispiriting, drape, emporium, encroach, ethnocentrism, exude, fault, feline, forwardness, foul, gluttony, harmonious, impatient, inconclusive, induction, infringe, insecure, interact, irrecoverable, jinx, juvenile, maladaptive, meltdown, model, moderator, momentary, monkish, odometer, overcast, periphery, primary, propensity, prospective, quiver, redemption, scatter, scourge, shrivel, smolder, somber, spirit, stream, subdued, utilize, verve, vibrant, virility

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