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Spelling Bee: Law and Order Words

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Law and Order

abettor, abscond, acquit, adjudge, affidavit, alimony, annul, assailant, bail, bigamy, blackmail, breach, caveat-emptor, decree, deeds, defalcate, depredation, detain, dispensation, dispossess, edict, entrapment, felony, forensic, fraud, fugitive, habeas-corpus, hijack, homicide, impeach, incarcerate, incriminate, internment, litigious, mafia, mafioso, malefactor, malfeasance, manslaughter, miscreant, misdemeanour, notorious, nullify, ombudsman, penal, perjury, pleader, precedent, prosecute, punitive, purge, regicide, repeal, restitution, scandal, subpoena, tamper, trespass, uphold, violate, writ

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