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Spelling Bee: 'Middle School 2' Vocabulary List

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Middle School 2

accountable, agreement, alias, amble, available, bedlam, bestow, bizarre, botany, cascade, censor, cluster, cohesive, conserve, contend, covet, craven, crevice, cumbersome, desolate, dismiss, ecology, elude, emotion, eradicate, excess, exempt, expedite, foe, fraud, fundamental, fuse, garnish, grant, guile, impeccable, inconspicuous, intrepid, justify, land, lapse, lush, maiden, moan, morsel, novelty, opaque, optical, phonetic, plenary, pragmatic, proficient, relentless, remorse, scanty, scramble, seldom, smidgen, syllable, tedious, tenacity, tribute, usurp, validate, vex

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