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Spelling Bee: Middle School 5 Words

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Middle School 5

appeal, baffle, bereave, brisk, buffer, charade, charge, concern, content, dabble, deduct, diplomatic, dismount, diverse, durable, elusive, encore, enigma, exasperate, express, feign, fickle, flawed, foil, fortuitous, grapple, gusto, heave, heighten, ideal, impair, invest, lair, limbo, master, mediate, motive, mount, negligible, nocturnal, oblivious, obscurity, peripheral, pledge, polygon, power, precarious, punctuate, radiant, redundant, retract, rugged, scatter, scurry, shower, significant, stagnant, strident, suffix, synonym, tangible, unnatural, veer, viable, zilch

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