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Spelling Bee: Middle School 8 Words

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Middle School 8

abbreviation, accessible, antonym, anxiety, arable, attire, banter, beckon, benevolent, benign, clamber, concept, condone, congregate, consider, conviction, courtesy, dispose, earmark, envisage, establish, exclusive, fable, fathom, forage, glimpse, gullible, hasty, haven, hoard, infamous, invert, lack, latter, liberty, linger, lunge, malice, mirage, nemesis, nominal, paltry, perturbed, preacher, pristine, proceed, prompt, rebuff, respect, rustic, sabotage, sanctuary, scintilla, scour, sheepish, sparse, spoil, stream, submerge, symbolism, syphon, threshold, undesirable, view, waddle

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