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Spelling Bee: SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test) Words

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SAT 14 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

abhorrent, abode, allure, allusive, amenable, apparel, au-fait, baleful, blasphemy, callow, carouse, cavalcade, condone, confederation, conjugate, corporeal, derisory, derivative, desultory, devitalize, disempower, eminence, entropy, envelop, equivocal, erratum, excruciate, extenuation, feckless, fester, hearty, impecunious, importune, impudent, inconsolable, indicative, indulgence, iota, irreproachable, katana, lachrymose, masochist, mercantile, microcosm, miserly, munitions, necropsy, orthogonal, parvis, pathos, pendulum, plenitude, prefatory, premonition, preponderant, privy, prohibition, pseudoscience, reductive, refraction, risqué, rubric, rupture, satirist, serenity, shibboleth, streamlined, studious, theocracy, transitory, tutelage, uncharacteristic, vacuum, vibrant, vocational

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