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Spelling Bee: SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test) Words

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SAT 17 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

abut, acerbity, affectation, agrestic, amends, anno-domini, aperitif, awning, bedevil, causality, clement, complaisant, concatenate, conveyance, curdle, decadence, deglutition, disconsolate, discourse, dissenter, doting, enrapture, flagrant, foible, forgo, fraternize, fugacious, fulcrum, gulf, ignominious, immaterial, impinge, incorporate, incredulity, inoperable, irrigation, jubilation, kimono, liquidate, maladroit, mariner, marxism, misconstrue, monumental, mordant, nexus, obfuscation, obloquy, obtrude, perspicacity, pessimism, phonics, predisposed, procrastinate, prolapse, proviso, pseudonym, raffish, rationale, recriminate, reprove, revivify, seething, senescence, spasmodic, status-quo, subservience, synchronicity, telltale, territorial, troubadour, unavailing, untoward, vegetate, voracity

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