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Spelling Bee: SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test) Words

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SAT 3 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

absentee, acquiescent, annulment, astraphobia, boorish, cantankerous, cassock, categorical, circa, cladding, comportment, condonation, coroner, debar, depose, digress, disavowal, empathetic, en-masse, eructate, estrangement, etcetera, exaltation, exorbitant, expedient, flume, foremost, frivolous, idolize, immodest, impeller, imputation, infantilize, intersectionality, lacuna, linear, livery, modus-operandi, momentum, monotony, naturalize, neurotic, objector, omnibus, percolate, philology, pivotal, pressing, proprietary, prospective, protuberance, quintessential, rankle, reflex, registry, resuscitate, rotund, savvy, shill, sinecure, skewed, slothful, sparsity, spawn, speculative, squander, subsidence, tabula-rasa, tendency, truncate, unisex, unprecedented, vector, vertical, volant

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