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Spelling Bee: SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test) Words

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SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

abstract, anathematize, antipode, antiquated, apostasy, aquaphobia, askance, augury, bewail, bouquet, censorious, circumambient, confluence, consecrate, controvert, cynophobia, delegation, dispiriting, ethereal, ex-gratia, feigned, florilegium, furlough, galleria, gizmo, helix, hermit, inanimate, incredulously, indictment, injurious, inviolable, kelvin, kindred, linchpin, macerate, memoirs, metacognition, pacifism, peerless, phantasm, precipitate, pretender, promiscuous, propagate, proponent, protrusion, provenance, providence, provincial, rasp, recluse, rekindle, requisite, sacrilegious, shrewdness, soubriquet, sprout, stasis, sultan, sylvan, synchronize, tipple, totality, unremitting, unsurpassed, untrammeled, upholstery, valor, vaporize, vengeance, veranda, vestige, vituperation, vivacious

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