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Spelling Bee: SAT 9 (Scholastic Assessment Test) Words

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SAT 9 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

abscind, aegis, affirmation, affluence, allay, amphibian, anoint, anthropometric, arrogate, beset, carpe-diem, cascade, casita, concubine, decimation, depository, disaffection, dispensation, dolorous, douse, epicenter, eremite, extraneous, facile, fatuous, finagle, heighten, hemophobia, impermeable, indemnify, indiscriminately, inhibition, intrinsic, lecherous, loathing, montage, neophyte, nonconformist, perish, personified, placid, premise, profligacy, prophecy, prostrate, quip, rebuke, relinquish, riposte, sermon, shrift, soar, staid, strenuous, strew, subjectivity, subsidize, sucker, supine, syncopate, synthetic, tangible, temerity, tender, torpor, traipse, transfix, unchaste, unilateral, unprejudiced, unsuspecting, verbiage, viscosity, viva-voce, warp

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