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Spelling Bee: Scorn and Censure Words

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Scorn and Censure

abominable, abomination, abysmal, ad-hominem, affront, anathematize, aspersion, belittle, berate, blasé, carping, censure, chauvinism, chauvinistic, claptrap, cockiness, cocksure, condescending, contemptuous, cynic, cynical, demeaning, denigrate, derision, derisory, deviant, devious, diatribe, disdainful, execrate, gall, heartless, hippie, idiotic, imbecilic, iniquity, irony, jeremiad, malice, misanthrope, mock, obscene, odious, opprobrium, ostentatious, outdated, pejorative, persona-non-grata, pompous, presumptuous, reprobate, repulsive, sacrilege, sadist, sanctimonious, sarcasm, satirical, scorn, scornful, scoundrel, snide, snigger, snobbery, snobbish, travesty, trifle, unsavory

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