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High School 3

adequate, ad-nauseam, amalgam, argument, attach, attachment, avidity, blend, bulwark, canopy, compact, consign, consumption, crevasse, desensitize, discrete, division, dubiously, epicene, erroneous, erudition, existential, expiation, formative, frontal, furlough, furor, gander, gazebo, georgic, greed, grovel, hacienda, heir, horrible, immemorial, immure, impeller, incident, invalidate, isolationism, junkie, keep, loot, madcap, malarkey, mercantile, mingle, modern, negative, novice, numbing, nuts, oppugn, plagiarism, pleasant, poltroon, predicament, proviso, pussyfoot, quantum, recluse, remnants, repercussion, reverberation, rollicking, salvage, subsidize, substantial, tenant, tradesman, vilification, warrant, welcoming, zilch

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