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SAT 11 (Scholastic Assessment Test)

al-dente, apologue, ardor, artifice, astringent, bona-fide, cardiac, comprehensible, concentric, concertina, condolence, confluent, conjunction, contemptuously, cynosure, daub, debase, detente, diaphanous, disenchantment, dispassionate, doleful, doppelganger, dormancy, dowry, duplicitous, emphasis, encumbrance, ensue, exhortation, fait-accompli, hypoxia, indistinguishable, infamy, intersperse, intertwine, itinerant, lacerate, ledger, levee, longitude, meditate, mesosphere, monkish, mosaic, natatorial, orthodoxy, palliate, persiflage, poignant, polemical, preempt, prognosis, rambunctious, rehash, relapse, renunciate, revamp, rhapsody, rigor-mortis, salient, sedative, sedentary, sedition, serene, sheepish, sly, sumptuous, teeming, unaffiliated, unassuming, unspecified, utilitarian, vandalize, voluntary

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