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Suffix -or

abettor, abhor, adjudicator, aggressor, anterior, arbitrator, ardor, bachelor, behavior, benefactor, candor, censor, clamor, collaborator, competitor, conspirator, curator, defector, demeanor, demonstrator, detractor, dictator, dishonor, dolor, enamor, endeavor, favor, fervor, furor, hector, honor, humidor, humor, impostor, interlocutor, languor, liquor, malefactor, mediator, mentor, metaphor, minor, misdemeanor, moderator, negotiator, objector, oppressor, orator, perpetrator, posterior, precursor, predecessor, prior, protector, purveyor, rancor, rigor, rumor, savior, savor, squalor, stupor, succor, torpor, traitor, ulterior, valor, vector, vendor, vigor, vindicator

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