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How to pronounce abomination (audio)

Dictionary definition of abomination

Something that is considered to be extremely vile, wicked, or morally repugnant.
"The use of child labor is widely considered an abomination."

Detailed meaning of abomination

It is often used to describe actions, behaviors, or ideologies that are considered to be morally unacceptable or repugnant. In some cases, the term can be used to describe something that is considered to be a violation of religious or moral principles. It can also be used to describe something that is considered to be extremely unpleasant or offensive, such as a terrible smell or a disgusting sight. The term is often used to express strong disapproval or disgust. It is used in a very strong and emotive way, to describe something that is seen as morally or ethically wrong, and that is causing outrage or disgust. Overall, the word "abomination" refers to something that is considered to be extremely vile, wicked, or morally repugnant, characterized by being morally unacceptable, repugnant, unpleasant or offensive, causing strong disapproval or disgust.

Example sentences of abomination

1. The crime he committed was an abomination to society.
2. Pollution of our oceans is an environmental abomination.
3. Discrimination based on race is a social abomination.
4. His betrayal of trust was seen as an abomination.
5. The dictator's regime was an abomination to human rights.
6. Child labor is an abomination that must be eradicated.

History and etymology of abomination

The noun 'abomination' has its etymological roots in Latin, particularly in the word 'abominatio.' In Latin, 'ab' means 'away from,' and 'ominatio' is derived from 'ominari,' which means 'to forebode' or 'to consider as an ill omen.' Originally, 'abominatio' referred to an action or object that was seen as a sign of impending disaster or something deeply detestable. This concept of extreme detestation and moral repugnance carried over into Middle English, where 'abominacioun' was used to describe something that was considered extremely vile or wicked. Over time, it evolved into the modern English term 'abomination,' which signifies something that is morally repugnant, loathsome, or considered an affront to decency. The etymology of 'abomination' underscores its historical association with deep-seated disgust and moral condemnation, emphasizing the intensity of negative feelings it represents.

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Further usage examples of abomination

1. The war's atrocities were an international abomination.
2. The desecration of a sacred site is considered an abomination.
3. Animal cruelty is viewed as an abomination by many.
4. Genocide is an abomination against humanity.
5. The act of torture is universally recognized as an abomination.
6. Slavery was once accepted but is now seen as an abomination.
7. Hatred and bigotry are abominations to a just society.
8. Corruption in politics is viewed as an abomination.
9. The destruction of natural habitats is an ecological abomination.
10. Human trafficking is a global abomination.
11. Chemical warfare is considered a heinous abomination.
12. Terrorism is an abomination that threatens peace.
13. Theft of cultural artifacts is an archaeological abomination.
14. Any form of abuse is an abomination that must be stopped.
15. Genocide is an abomination that has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people.
16. The act of discrimination is an abomination to human rights.
17. Some people consider eating insects to be an abomination, while others see it as a sustainable food source.
18. The destruction of ancient cultural sites is an abomination to archaeologists and historians.
19. Littering in public spaces is an abomination to environmentalists.
20. Many religious people believe that homosexuality is an abomination.
21. Animal cruelty is an abomination to animal welfare advocates.
22. For some people, the idea of eating meat is an abomination because of ethical or health concerns.
23. Many people see racism and hate crimes as an abomination to human decency.
24. Pollution of the oceans is an abomination to marine conservationists.
25. The destruction of natural habitats is an abomination to conservationists.
26. Corruption in politics and business is an abomination to advocates of transparency and accountability.



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