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How to pronounce absence (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'absence'

The state or condition of being away or not present in a particular place, situation, or context.
"The absence of rain has caused a drought in the region."

Detailed Meaning of 'absence'

It can be used to describe a physical absence, such as when a person is not present in a certain place, or a mental absence, when a person is not fully engaged or focused. It can also be used to describe the state of something that is missing or not present. In a workplace or school setting, an absence refers to the condition of not being present at work or school, and it can be classified as excused or unexcused. In a medical context, absence refers to a seizure disorder characterized by sudden, brief lapses of consciousness. In a personal relationship, absence can refer to the condition of being apart from a loved one due to distance, or lack of communication. The term can also be used to describe a lack of something, for example, absence of evidence, or an absence of emotion.

History and Etymology of 'absence'

The noun 'absence' finds its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'absentia,' which is formed from 'absens,' meaning 'being away' or 'not present.' The term 'absentia' itself comes from the prefix 'ab-' indicating 'away from' and 'esse,' meaning 'to be.' Therefore, the etymology of 'absence' conveys the idea of being away or not present. In English, it is used to describe the state or condition of being away or not present in a particular place, situation, or context. The term 'absence' underscores its historical connection to the Latin concept of being away or distant, emphasizing the lack or nonexistence of presence.

Examples of 'absence' in a Sentence

1. She was given an award for having zero absences during the entire school year.
2. The family felt an overwhelming sense of absence when their dog passed away.
3. The absence of pollution in the countryside air was a welcome change for city dwellers.
4. In the absence of witnesses, the case was hard to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.
5. His prolonged absence from work raised concerns among his colleagues.
6. The cake recipe can still work in the absence of eggs by using substitutes like apple sauce.
7. Her unexpected absence from the crucial meeting was quite noticeable, leaving a void in the discussion.
8. The absence of concrete evidence raised significant doubts about the validity of the claims.
9. His prolonged absence from home for business trips began to worry his family, who missed him dearly.
10. In the absence of any conversation, the room remained eerily silent, amplifying the tension in the air.
11. The prolonged absence of rain in the region led to a severe drought, causing crop failures and water shortages.
12. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and their time apart only deepened their love for each other.
13. The absence of a well-defined plan caused chaos in the project, with team members unsure of their roles.
14. His sudden absence due to illness left a noticeable void in our team, as he was the backbone of our operations.
15. The absence of a response from the client was frustrating, as we needed their input to proceed.
16. The absence of clear instructions led to widespread confusion among employees about their tasks.
17. Her unexplained absence from the family gathering left everyone puzzled and concerned for her well-being.
18. Surprisingly, his absence was a relief to some colleagues who found his presence overbearing.
19. The absence of a specific deadline for the project made it challenging to prioritize tasks and meet goals.
20. The absence of support from management was disheartening, and employees felt undervalued.
21. Her unexpected absence from the team created an opportunity for others to step up and take on leadership roles.
22. The absence of open communication between departments hindered progress and collaboration on the project.
23. In the absence of a viable solution, the team had to brainstorm new ideas to tackle the problem.
24. The absence of natural light in the underground room made it feel eerie and unsettling.
25. His sudden absence from the office left many unanswered questions about the status of ongoing projects.
26. The absence of effective leadership within the organization was becoming increasingly evident as conflicts and inefficiencies persisted.





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