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How to pronounce accentuate (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'accentuate'

To emphasize or highlight something, typically by giving it greater prominence or making it more noticeable.
"The artist used bold brush strokes to accentuate the intensity of the sunset."

Detailed Meaning of 'accentuate'

When we accentuate an aspect, we draw attention to it and make it stand out from its surroundings. This can be achieved through various means, such as using contrasting colors, increasing the volume or intensity of a sound, or employing strategic language and gestures to underscore a point. Accentuating is a deliberate act aimed at making a particular feature or idea more pronounced or impactful, ensuring it captures the attention and leaves a lasting impression on the observer or audience.

History and Etymology of 'accentuate'

The verb 'accentuate' has its etymological roots in Latin and French. It is derived from the Latin word 'accentuare,' which is a combination of 'ad' (meaning 'to') and 'accentus' (meaning 'tone' or 'accent'). In Latin, 'accentuare' originally referred to the act of giving greater emphasis or prominence to a specific musical note or syllable in pronunciation. When the term was adopted into French as 'accentuer,' it extended its meaning to emphasize or give prominence to certain aspects or features in speech or writing. When 'accentuate' entered the English language, it retained this sense of emphasizing or highlighting something to make it more noticeable or prominent. The etymology of 'accentuate' underscores its historical association with the idea of enhancing the significance or prominence of certain elements, emphasizing the act of drawing attention to specific details or aspects.

Examples of 'accentuate' in a Sentence

1. A good font can accentuate the message in design.
2. The music was meant to accentuate the emotional impact.
3. His speech sought to accentuate the importance of unity.
4. The use of contrast can accentuate visual appeal.
5. The chef knows how to accentuate flavors with herbs.
6. Effective marketing can accentuate a product's benefits.
7. The necklace served to accentuate her elegant attire.
8. A well-placed spotlight can accentuate a stage performance.
9. The filmmaker used lighting to accentuate the suspense.
10. He used humor to accentuate his point during the speech.
11. The architecture is designed to accentuate the building's grandeur.
12. The new hairstyle helped accentuate her features.
13. Subtle makeup can accentuate natural beauty.
14. The use of color can accentuate the mood in a painting.
15. The vibrant red dress accentuated her beauty and caught everyone's attention.
16. The strategic lighting in the gallery accentuated the sculptures' intricate details.
17. The architect designed the building to accentuate its sleek lines and modern aesthetic.
18. A touch of lemon juice can accentuate the flavors in the dish.
19. The speaker raised her voice to accentuate the importance of the message.
20. The use of high heels accentuated her height and added elegance to her posture.
21. The bold typography in the poster accentuated the urgency of the event.
22. The soft background music accentuated the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant.
23. The director used slow-motion shots to accentuate the tension in the climactic scene.
24. The photographer positioned the model against a dark backdrop to accentuate her striking features.
25. The designer used a contrasting color scheme to accentuate the focal point of the room.





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