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How to pronounce accessory (audio)


Dictionary definition of accessory

An item or object that complements or enhances another object, typically used in conjunction with it for practical, decorative, or fashion purposes.
"The handbag served as the perfect accessory to complete her outfit."

Detailed meaning of accessory

An accessory is an additional component or feature that contributes to the functionality, aesthetics, or overall appeal of the main item or outfit. It can range from small, detachable items like jewelry, handbags, scarves, or hats to larger objects such as belts, watches, sunglasses, or even electronic add-ons. Accessories often serve to personalize or customize the main item, allowing individuals to express their style, preferences, or individuality. Additionally, accessories can also serve a functional purpose, such as providing convenience or improving the usability of a particular object. In fashion, accessories play a vital role in completing an ensemble and adding the finishing touches to create a desired look or statement. Ultimately, accessories are supplementary elements that enhance, adorn, or augment the main object, contributing to its overall functionality or visual appeal.

Example sentences containing accessory

1. She wore a beautiful necklace as her main accessory for the evening.
2. The handbag served as both a fashion statement and a functional accessory.
3. The car's interior was equipped with various tech accessories, such as a Bluetooth speaker and a navigation system.
4. The sunglasses were the perfect accessory to complete his stylish look.
5. The bracelet added a touch of elegance to her overall ensemble as an accessory.
6. The scarf served as a versatile accessory, providing warmth and style.

History and etymology of accessory

The noun 'accessory' traces its etymology back to the Latin word 'accessorius,' derived from 'accessus,' which means 'approach' or 'access.' In its original sense, an accessory was something or someone that provided support or assistance in approaching or achieving a particular goal. Over time, this term evolved, especially through Old French and Middle English, to refer to items or objects that complement or enhance another object, often used alongside it for practical, decorative, or fashion purposes. Thus, the etymology of 'accessory' reflects its role in enhancing or complementing something else, much like its contemporary usage in various contexts.

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Further usage examples of accessory

1. The smartphone case was both a protective accessory and a personalized fashion statement.
2. The watch was not just a timepiece but also a fashionable accessory.
3. The belt acted as both a functional accessory to hold up his pants and a stylish addition to his outfit.
4. The statement earrings were the perfect accessory to enhance her evening gown.
5. The laptop bag was a necessary accessory for the professional on-the-go.
6. The camera lens was a valuable accessory for capturing stunning photographs.
7. The hat served as a practical accessory, shielding her from the sun's rays.
8. The tie was an essential accessory to complete his formal attire.
9. The decorative pillow added a pop of color to the room as an accessory.
10. The wallet was a necessary accessory to keep all her cards and cash organized.
11. The fitness tracker acted as both a health-monitoring device and a stylish accessory.
12. The keychain served as a functional accessory, keeping all her keys together.
13. The brooch was a unique accessory, adding a vintage touch to her outfit.
14. The backpack was a must-have accessory for carrying all her essentials while traveling.

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