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How to pronounce extension (audio)


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Dictionary definition of extension

An addition or prolongation of something.
"The extension cord allowed me to plug in my laptop from across the room."

Detailed meaning of extension

This can apply to multiple contexts. In physical space, it could mean the extra part added to a building, like a new wing or room, effectively increasing its size. In the digital world, it could refer to a piece of software added to a system or program to enhance its capabilities, such as a browser extension. In the context of time, an extension could mean an extra period allowed for a task or activity. Thus, 'extension' embodies the concept of augmentation or prolongation, which adds to or extends the capabilities, size, or duration of an existing entity or situation.

Example sentences containing extension

1. I need to file for an extension on my tax return.
2. The builder added an extension to the house for extra living space.
3. The university offers an extension program for working professionals.
4. I downloaded a browser extension to block ads while surfing the internet.
5. The scientist's research led to an extension of existing theories.
6. The company announced the extension of its product line to include new features.

History and etymology of extension

The noun 'extension' originates from the Latin word 'extensio,' which is derived from the verb 'extendere.' In Latin, 'ex' means 'out,' and 'tendere' means 'to stretch.' Therefore, 'extensio' inherently carries the sense of stretching something outward or making it longer. As the Latin term evolved into Middle English, it retained its core meaning, giving rise to the noun 'extension' as we know it today. In both its physical and abstract applications, 'extension' embodies the idea of adding or prolonging something, mirroring its etymological roots in the act of stretching or extending. Whether it's an extension of a deadline, a house, or even a thought, the term 'extension' continues to convey the concept of elongation or expansion derived from its Latin origin.

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Further usage examples of extension

1. He reached out his arm, trying to grab the book on the top shelf with the help of an extension.
2. The teacher granted an extension on the assignment due to the student's illness.
3. The phone company offers contract extensions to loyal customers.
4. The bridge project required an extension to accommodate the increased traffic.
5. I took an extension course to learn a new skill during my summer break.
6. The construction project required a lengthy extension due to unexpected delays.
7. My phone's battery life improved after installing a battery extension.
8. The company announced a deadline extension for the project submission.
9. I filed for a visa extension to continue working in the foreign country.
10. The novel's author released an exciting extension to the original story.
11. The road closure caused a major traffic jam, leading to an extension of my commute.
12. Our lease agreement included an option for a rent extension.
13. The professor granted an extension for the research paper deadline.
14. We planned a house extension to accommodate our growing family.
15. The software update included a helpful file format extension.
16. The negotiations resulted in a time extension for the contract.
17. The garden's beauty was enhanced with the addition of an extension.
18. I received an email notifying me of a warranty extension on my appliance.
19. The artist's gallery exhibition received a popular demand extension.
20. A hair salon appointment extension was impossible due to full bookings.
21. The company's product line expanded with the release of an extension.
22. The extension of the bridge improved connectivity between the towns.
23. She requested a payment extension for her overdue bills.
24. The novel's popularity led to the author writing a sequel extension.
25. The school board discussed the budget for a school facility extension.



addition, reduction, subtraction, decrease


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