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agreement, conflict, discord, disharmony



How to pronounce accordance (audio)

Dictionary definition of accordance

A state or condition of agreement, conformity, or harmony between two or more things.
"The new regulations were implemented in accordance with government guidelines."

Detailed meaning of accordance

It signifies the act of following or complying with a set of rules, principles, guidelines, or expectations in order to maintain alignment or unity. When actions, decisions, or behaviors are in accordance with something, it indicates that they are in agreement or in harmony with that particular standard, requirement, or intention. Accordance implies a deliberate effort to synchronize or coordinate actions and attitudes, ensuring consistency and unity within a given context. It is often associated with a sense of cooperation, collaboration, or adherence to established norms or regulations. Whether it pertains to legal matters, interpersonal relationships, societal norms, or organizational policies, accordance reflects a desire for order, coherence, and mutual understanding. It promotes a sense of shared purpose and common understanding, fostering an environment where different elements can function together smoothly and effectively.

Example sentences of accordance

1. The decision was made in accordance with company policies.
2. The project progressed smoothly in accordance with the plan.
3. The laws must be followed in accordance with the constitution.
4. The report was prepared in accordance with industry standards.
5. They acted in accordance with their principles.
6. The budget was allocated in accordance with the priorities.

History and etymology of accordance

The noun 'accordance' derives its etymology from the verb 'accord,' which in turn has its roots in the Latin word 'accordare,' composed of 'ad' (to) and 'cor' (heart). This etymological origin elegantly signifies a state or condition of agreement, conformity, or harmony between two or more things as a harmonious connection of hearts or sentiments. As language evolved from Latin through Old French and Middle English, 'accordance' came to represent the concept of things being in concord or alignment with one another, whether in terms of agreements, regulations, or any form of harmony. Thus, the etymology of 'accordance' underscores its historical association with unity and agreement between various elements or entities.

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Further usage examples of accordance

1. The dress code must be followed in accordance with the rules.
2. The ceremony proceeded in accordance with tradition.
3. His actions were not in accordance with our expectations.
4. Compliance was achieved in accordance with the regulations.
5. The procedure was completed in accordance with safety protocols.
6. The changes were implemented in accordance with feedback.
7. The team operates in strict accordance with the guidelines.
8. The timeline was adjusted in accordance with the delays.
9. The contract was executed in accordance with the terms.
10. The results were obtained in accordance with the experiment.
11. Decisions are made in accordance with the board's vote.
12. The document was signed in accordance with legal requirements.
13. The software operates in accordance with user preferences.
14. The plan was executed in accordance with the client's wishes.
15. The project was executed in strict accordance with the client's specifications.
16. We made the decision in accordance with company policies and procedures.
17. The team worked in perfect accordance, resulting in a flawless performance.
18. The contract was drafted in accordance with legal requirements and industry standards.
19. The students were instructed to conduct their research in accordance with ethical guidelines.
20. The party proceeded in accordance with the agreed-upon schedule.
21. The decision was reached in accordance with the consensus of all stakeholders involved.
22. The employee's actions were not in accordance with the company's code of conduct.
23. The agreement was signed by both parties in accordance with the terms and conditions.
24. The policy change was implemented in accordance with feedback received from customers.
25. The meeting was conducted in strict accordance with parliamentary procedures.



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