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How to pronounce harmony (audio)

Dictionary definition of harmony

A state or quality of agreement, compatibility, and cohesion between different elements or individuals.
"The choir sang in perfect harmony, creating a beautiful and unified sound."

Detailed meaning of harmony

It signifies a pleasing and balanced arrangement or combination that creates a sense of unity and coherence. Harmony can manifest in various aspects of life, including music, relationships, nature, and society. In music, harmony refers to the simultaneous combination of different tones or chords that create a pleasing sound and contribute to the overall composition. In relationships, harmony represents a state of mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation, where conflicts are resolved and individuals work together towards shared goals. In nature, harmony can be observed in the balanced coexistence of various species and ecosystems, where each component plays a vital role in maintaining ecological equilibrium. Societal harmony refers to a state of peaceful coexistence among diverse individuals and groups, marked by respect, tolerance, and cooperation. Overall, harmony embodies a sense of balance, unity, and synergy, fostering a positive and harmonious existence in different realms of life.

Example sentences containing harmony

1. The couple's relationship was characterized by love, trust, and harmony.
2. The colors in the painting blended together in perfect harmony.
3. The diverse group of friends lived in harmony, appreciating each other's differences.
4. The orchestra played with harmony, producing a captivating and melodious performance.
5. The meditation session helped bring inner harmony and peace of mind.
6. The community worked together in harmony to organize a successful charity event.

History and etymology of harmony

The noun 'harmony' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'harmonia,' which was borrowed from the Greek term 'harmonia.' In ancient Greek, 'harmonia' had a primary association with music and was used to describe the pleasing combination of musical notes and instruments to create a melodious composition. It stemmed from the verb 'harmozo,' meaning 'to fit together' or 'to join.' As time passed, the concept of harmonia extended metaphorically to encompass a broader sense of agreement, compatibility, and cohesion among various elements or individuals. Thus, 'harmony' emerged as a noun to signify a state or quality of unity and concord in diverse contexts, reflecting the idea that different parts or people can come together in a balanced and cooperative manner, much like the harmonious blending of musical notes.

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Further usage examples of harmony

1. The natural landscape was a harmonious blend of mountains, rivers, and lush greenery.
2. The collaboration between the two companies resulted in a harmonious partnership.
3. The group discussion aimed to find a solution that would restore harmony within the team.
4. The architecture of the building was designed to achieve harmony with its surroundings.
5. The family gathering was filled with laughter, joy, and a sense of harmony.
6. The harmony in their relationship was truly remarkable.
7. The music filled the room with a soothing harmony.
8. Achieving harmony in a diverse team is a challenge.
9. The garden displayed a perfect balance and harmony.
10. In a family, harmony is essential for happiness.
11. The architect aimed to create harmony in design.
12. The harmony between nature and architecture was striking.
13. Finding harmony in chaos is an art form.
14. Harmony in the workplace boosts productivity.
15. The orchestra played with exceptional harmony.
16. Achieving harmony between work and life is vital.
17. The painting's colors blended in perfect harmony.
18. Harmony in diversity is a goal worth pursuing.
19. Their friendship was built on a foundation of harmony.
20. The chef aimed for a perfect harmony of flavors.
21. A community thrives when there's social harmony.
22. The symphony resonated with a deep sense of harmony.
23. Harmony in a team leads to better outcomes.
24. The forest exuded a sense of tranquil harmony.
25. Society must strive for harmony and unity.



concord, discord, conflict, disharmony


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