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How to pronounce achromatic (audio)

Dictionary definition of achromatic

Lacking or devoid of color.
"The achromatic photograph captured the beauty of the cityscape in shades of black and white."

Detailed meaning of achromatic

It describes objects, substances, or images that appear in shades of gray or without any discernible hue. Achromatic can also pertain to a color scheme or palette that solely consists of black, white, and shades of gray. It represents a colorless or neutral state, characterized by the absence of distinct chromatic elements. Achromatic objects or images are often perceived as monochromatic or grayscale, devoid of vibrant or saturated colors. In the context of optics, achromatic refers to a lens or system that minimizes or eliminates chromatic aberration, ensuring accurate representation and clarity in visual perception. Overall, the term achromatic suggests a lack of color or the absence of chromatic attributes, highlighting a neutral or grayscale quality.

Example sentences of achromatic

1. The achromatic room seemed lifeless, walls bare, as if color was a forgotten dream.
2. With achromatic attire, he blended seamlessly into the monochrome backdrop.
3. Her painting was achromatic, yet it expressed a deep, profound emotion vividly.
4. The achromatic sky, devoid of color, mirrored my somber, silent mood perfectly.
5. A world in achromatic tones can still pulse with life, energy, and emotion.
6. The achromatic gown made her eyes, full of color, profoundly mesmerizing.

History and etymology of achromatic

The adjective 'achromatic' has its roots in Greek etymology. It stems from the combination of two Greek words: 'a,' meaning 'without,' and 'chroma,' meaning 'color.' Therefore, 'achromatic' literally means 'without color.' This term is used to describe objects, substances, or phenomena that appear to be devoid of any color, often appearing as shades of gray or black and white. Its etymology reflects its fundamental characteristic of lacking color, making it a useful term in various contexts, such as optics and art, where the absence of color is a defining feature.

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Further usage examples of achromatic

1. Amidst colorful blooms, the achromatic petals stood silent, yet beautifully bold.
2. Achromatic scenes in the film highlighted the characters’ emotional void.
3. The photographer loved achromatic themes, finding depth without color.
4. Achromatic elegance is timeless, capturing soulful beauty beyond hues.
5. The achromatic landscape, though colorless, was teeming with silent life.
6. Their achromatic home was a canvas where life’s colors danced vividly.
7. An achromatic design dominated the gallery, echoing a quiet, elegant beauty.
8. Achromatic photographs capture a reality where colors are felt, not seen.
9. Her achromatic attire was a silent revolt against the tyranny of colors.
10. The achromatic painting, bold and stark, spoke of a world unseen.
11. A winter’s day, achromatic and bare, holds a silent, haunting beauty.
12. I live in an achromatic world, where colors are a distant echo.
13. In an achromatic garden, life is felt in textures, not seen in colors.
14. Their achromatic love was profound, deep beyond the spectrum of colors.
15. The artist chose an achromatic color scheme for his modern art piece, using only black, white, and grays.
16. She decided to wear an achromatic dress to the event to keep her look simple and elegant.
17. The achromatic lens in the telescope helps reduce the distortion of colors in the images.
18. His apartment was decorated in an achromatic palette, giving it a sleek and minimalist feel.
19. The photographer is known for his achromatic portraits, capturing emotions without the distraction of colors.
20. The designer suggested using achromatic tiles in the bathroom for a timeless and clean appearance.
21. The achromatic colors in the painting conveyed a sense of calmness and serenity.
22. She loves using achromatic shades in her sketches to focus on texture and contrast.
23. The room had an achromatic theme, with white walls, gray furniture, and black accents.
24. The achromatic fabric was perfect for the historical drama, as it reflected the lack of bright dyes in that era.
25. For a striking effect, the graphic designer used an achromatic background with a bold splash of color in the logo.
26. The achromatic glasses are designed to reduce chromatic aberration and enhance visual clarity.



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