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How to pronounce pallid (audio)

Dictionary definition of pallid

Abnormally pale or lacking in color, often suggesting a state of poor health, weakness, or a lack of vitality.
"Her pallid complexion revealed her weakened state after the illness."

Detailed meaning of pallid

When something or someone is described as pallid, it implies a noticeable absence of natural complexion or vibrancy. It can refer to a person's skin tone, indicating a paleness that may be associated with illness, fatigue, or emotional distress. Additionally, "pallid" can be used metaphorically to describe an idea, performance, or representation that lacks liveliness, vigor, or impact. It conveys a sense of dullness, lack of energy, or anemic quality. The adjective "pallid" carries a connotation of a lack of vitality, vigor, or depth, either in a physical or metaphorical sense.

Example sentences containing pallid

1. The pallid moon cast eerie shadows over the abandoned house.
2. Her face turned pallid when she heard the shocking news.
3. His pallid complexion worried his mother, hinting at his poor health.
4. The pallid light from the computer screen kept him awake late into the night.
5. The pallid sunbeam struggled to brighten the gloomy winter afternoon.
6. The pallid walls of the hospital room felt cold and impersonal.

History and etymology of pallid

The adjective 'pallid' derives its origins from the Latin word 'pallidus,' which translates to 'pale' or 'wan.' This Latin term is closely associated with 'pallor,' meaning 'paleness' or 'wan complexion.' The root of 'pallidus' can be traced further back to the Proto-Indo-European root '*pel,' which signifies 'gray' or 'pale.' Thus, the etymology of 'pallid' highlights its historical connection to the concept of lacking color or vitality, often connoting a state of poor health or weakness. This linguistic lineage underscores how 'pallid' effectively communicates the idea of abnormally pale skin or a lack of vibrancy, making it a fitting term to describe various conditions related to physical well-being and appearance.

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Further usage examples of pallid

1. The painting displayed a pallid landscape, devoid of any vibrant colors.
2. She found the pallid food at the cafeteria unappetizing.
3. The pallid expressions of the audience made the comedian feel nervous.
4. The pallid, skeletal trees stood like ghosts in the autumn mist.
5. His pallid reflection in the mirror revealed a sleepless night.
6. The once vibrant garden was now pallid and deserted.
7. Her pallid lips trembled as she tried to utter a word.
8. The pallid morning sky hinted at an approaching storm.
9. The actor's pallid performance left the audience disappointed.
10. His pallid, lifeless eyes stared into the void.
11. The pallid sheets of the bed seemed untouched for days.
12. The room was lit by the pallid glow of a single candle.
13. His laughter echoed in the pallid silence of the empty hall.
14. The pallid, worn-out pages of the book bore witness to its age.



wan, flushed, rosy, vibrant


SAT 7 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Beauty and Appearance, Ailments and Ill-Health

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