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How to pronounce acquaint (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'acquaint'

To make someone familiar or knowledgeable about something or someone.
"He was eager to acquaint himself with the latest research in his field."

Detailed Meaning of 'acquaint'

When you acquaint someone with a topic or a person, you are introducing them to it, providing them with information, and helping them understand it better. This could be done by sharing details, providing examples, or explaining concepts. The purpose of acquainting someone with something is to increase their awareness and understanding of it, and to help them become more comfortable with it. For instance, if you have a new colleague in your office, you might acquaint them with the company's policies, procedures, and culture to help them fit in and feel more at ease.

History and Etymology of 'acquaint'

The verb 'acquaint' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'acointier,' which is a variant of 'acointer.' This Old French term, in turn, is derived from the Latin phrase 'ad cognoscere,' where 'ad' means 'to' and 'cognoscere' means 'to get to know' or 'recognize.' Therefore, 'acquaint' originally meant 'to make someone familiar or knowledgeable about something or someone' by bringing them into a state of recognition or familiarity. This etymology highlights the role of the verb in introducing people to new information or individuals, fostering a sense of acquaintance and understanding.

Examples of 'acquaint' in a Sentence

1. His presentation will acquaint you with the latest research.
2. It's essential to acquaint newcomers with our company culture.
3. Can you acquaint me with the details of the project?
4. The guide will acquaint you with the museum's exhibits.
5. The course will acquaint students with advanced concepts.
6. We need to acquaint the team with the new marketing strategy.
7. Let's acquaint them with the benefits of this product.
8. The orientation program will acquaint you with campus life.
9. I'll acquaint you with the intricacies of this puzzle.
10. Acquaint yourself with the safety procedures before starting.
11. The mentor will acquaint you with industry best practices.
12. She tried to acquaint her friend with her artistic hobbies.
13. The workshop will acquaint participants with new skills.
14. Acquaint your taste buds with these exotic flavors.
15. Let me acquaint you with the new software we'll be using.
16. He was pleased to be acquainted with his neighbor's lovely dog.
17. She acquainted herself with the local customs before traveling to the new country.
18. We need to acquaint the team with the new project requirements.
19. The tour guide will acquaint us with the history of the ancient city.
20. Can you please acquaint me with the features of this product?
21. I was acquainted with his work before we met in person.
22. She decided to acquaint herself with the facts before making a decision.
23. The professor will acquaint the students with the course syllabus on the first day of class.
24. Let me acquaint you with the safety procedures before we begin.
25. She took the time to acquaint herself with the company's values and mission statement.





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