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How to pronounce accustom (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'accustom'

To become familiar with and adapt to a particular situation, environment, or habit through repeated exposure and practice.
"The students need time to accustom to the new school routine and expectations."

Detailed meaning of 'accustom'

When someone accustoms themselves or others to something, they facilitate the development of a customary or habitual behavior, mindset, or response. It involves gradually becoming comfortable, adjusted, or accustomed to a new circumstance, often with the intention of making it more familiar or easier to navigate. Accustoming oneself to a routine, a lifestyle change, or a cultural setting involves a period of adjustment and familiarity-building. It can also involve conditioning or training oneself to tolerate or endure certain conditions or experiences. Accustoming can lead to a sense of ease, confidence, and competence in dealing with the accustomed situation or behavior. Overall, the verb 'accustom' implies the process of familiarization, adaptation, and habituation through repeated exposure and practice.

History and etymology of 'accustom'

The verb 'accustom' has its etymological roots in the Old French word 'acostumer,' which evolved from the Latin phrase 'ad consuetudinem.' The Latin phrase consists of 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'consuetudo,' meaning 'custom' or 'habit.' Therefore, 'accustom' originally meant 'to bring to the habit' or 'to make customary.' Over time, this term transitioned into Middle English as 'accustumen,' signifying the process of becoming familiar with and adapting to a particular situation, environment, or habit through repeated exposure and practice. Its etymology reflects the idea of cultivating familiarity and comfort by making something a habitual part of one's experience or routine.

Example sentences containing 'accustom'

1. Gradually, he will accustom to the high altitude.
2. It can be challenging to accustom to a new work schedule.
3. Kids often accustom quickly to new technology.
4. She needed time to accustom to her new role as a mother.
5. Practice will help you accustom to public speaking.
6. They'll accustom to the demands of their new roles.
7. The athlete will accustom to a rigorous training regimen.
8. It's vital to accustom to changes in the market.
9. The first few weeks are crucial to accustom to college life.
10. They decided to accustom themselves to minimalism.
11. Her efforts paid off as she began to accustom to the piano.
12. It's important to accustom to the demands of a new job.
13. Over time, you'll accustom to the new neighborhood.
14. They aim to accustom the team to remote work.
15. The new employee needs some time to accustom to the company's work culture.
16. The rescue dog took a while to accustom to its new home and surroundings.
17. The travelers accustom themselves to local customs and traditions while visiting foreign countries.
18. The baby will accustom to solid foods by introducing small portions gradually.
19. It took a few weeks for him to accustom to the noise of the bustling city.
20. The team practiced regularly to accustom themselves to playing in high-pressure situations.
21. Moving to a new country requires effort to accustom to a different language and way of life.
22. The athlete underwent intensive training to accustom their body to intense physical exertion.
23. She had to accustom to the altitude when climbing the mountain.
24. The actor had to accustom to performing in front of large audiences.



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