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How to pronounce admit (audio)

Dictionary definition of admit

To acknowledge or accept the truth, existence, or validity of something.
"She had to admit that she was wrong."

Detailed meaning of admit

It involves recognizing or confessing to a fact, situation, or statement. When we admit something, we are openly acknowledging or granting permission for it to be true, valid, or to occur. This can apply to personal admissions of one's own thoughts, feelings, or actions, as well as to accepting external information or admitting the truth of a particular situation. It can also involve granting entry or access to a person or granting permission for something to happen. Admitting may involve a sense of honesty, vulnerability, or acceptance, as well as a willingness to face the consequences or implications of what is being admitted.

Example sentences of admit

1. The security guard will only admit people who have an invitation.
2. The university will admit students with exceptional academic records.
3. You must admit that the evidence is quite compelling.
4. The theater will admit children for free during the matinee.
5. If you show your membership card, they will admit you without any additional charges.
6. The program will only admit applicants who meet the strict criteria.

History and etymology of admit

The verb 'admit' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'admittere,' which combines 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'mittere,' meaning 'to send' or 'to let go.' Originally, 'admittere' meant 'to allow to enter' or 'to grant access.' Over time, it evolved to encompass the broader concept of acknowledging or accepting the truth, existence, or validity of something. In its modern usage, 'admit' reflects the idea of permitting the acknowledgment or acceptance of a fact or reality, emphasizing the act of allowing it to be recognized or considered. Its etymology underscores the notion of granting access to the truth or acknowledging the validity of a statement or situation.

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Further usage examples of admit

1. He wouldn't admit that he was wrong, even when presented with the facts.
2. The hospital will admit patients who need urgent medical attention.
3. The museum will admit visitors until 5 pm today.
4. The school will admit new students at the beginning of each semester.
5. The security system will only admit authorized personnel.
6. The nightclub will not admit anyone under the age of 21.
7. I must admit, I didn’t expect the event to be so successful.
8. The club will only admit a certain number of guests each night.
9. The judge will admit the document as evidence in the trial.
10. The course will admit only ten participants, so sign up quickly.
11. The application process is rigorous, but if successful, they will admit you into the honors program.
12. I hope the academy will admit her based on her excellent performance.
13. The theater will not admit latecomers once the play has started.
14. Sometimes, it's hard to admit when you need help.


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