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How to pronounce acknowledge (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'acknowledge'

To recognize, accept, or admit the existence, truth, importance, or validity of someone or something.
"The company didn't acknowledge my email, so I am unsure if it was received."

Detailed Meaning of 'acknowledge'

When we acknowledge something, we give it attention, respect, or consideration. It involves expressing awareness, appreciation, or understanding towards a person's accomplishments, efforts, feelings, or opinions. Acknowledging can take various forms, such as verbal recognition, written communication, gestures, or actions that convey our acknowledgment. It plays a vital role in fostering healthy relationships, resolving conflicts, and promoting mutual understanding. Acknowledging the experiences, perspectives, or contributions of others demonstrates empathy, validation, and a willingness to engage in meaningful communication. It is a fundamental aspect of human interaction and communication, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive social environment.

History and Etymology of 'acknowledge'

The verb 'acknowledge' traces its etymological origins to the Middle English word 'aknoulechen,' which can be further broken down into two components: 'a-' and 'knowlechen.' The prefix 'a-' is a variant of 'an,' meaning 'on' or 'in,' and 'knowlechen' is related to the Old English word 'cnāwan,' meaning 'to know' or 'recognize.' So, 'acknowledge' essentially means 'to recognize or admit knowledge' or, more broadly, 'to recognize, accept, or admit the existence, truth, importance, or validity of someone or something.' Its etymology captures the essence of recognizing or accepting something, often with a sense of awareness or understanding.

Examples of 'acknowledge' in a Sentence

1. We must acknowledge the cultural diversity in our society.
2. He's hesitant to acknowledge his feelings for her.
3. The CEO was quick to acknowledge the company's success.
4. It's time to acknowledge the challenges we face as a nation.
5. They refuse to acknowledge the importance of this issue.
6. She wouldn't acknowledge her friend's betrayal.
7. He acknowledged the importance of a healthy work-life balance.
8. The government should acknowledge the concerns of its citizens.
9. We should acknowledge the sacrifices made by our veterans.
10. The teacher will acknowledge your hard work on the project.
11. He didn't hesitate to acknowledge his mistake and apologize.
12. Let's acknowledge the potential of this innovative technology.
13. It's crucial to acknowledge the impact of our decisions on others.
14. We must acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the team.
15. I hope the professor will acknowledge my question during the lecture.
16. When you win the award, don't forget to acknowledge your family and friends in your speech.
17. The museum staff needs to acknowledge the importance of preserving historical artifacts.
18. It is important to acknowledge the contributions of volunteers in a community project.
19. The author is expected to acknowledge all the sources used in the book.
20. As a society, we should acknowledge and respect cultural diversity.
21. The manager should acknowledge the employees' suggestions for improving workplace conditions.
22. The school decided to acknowledge the achievements of its students through an awards ceremony.
23. It is critical to acknowledge any biases that may influence the way we perceive information.
24. The software update will acknowledge voice commands for a more seamless user experience.





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