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Dictionary definition of agrestic

Rural, rustic, or characteristic of the countryside or agricultural life.
"The agrestic community was self-sufficient and close-knit."

Detailed meaning of agrestic

When applied to a setting, style, or lifestyle, it signifies a connection to the simple, unrefined, and often idyllic aspects of rural or farming communities. Agrestic scenes may involve picturesque landscapes, quaint farmhouses, or the slower pace of life typically associated with rural areas. This term conveys a sense of the natural and unspoiled, often evoking feelings of nostalgia or a return to simpler times. "Agrestic" is frequently used in literary or artistic contexts to paint a vivid picture of rural or pastoral settings, capturing the charm and authenticity of rural life and landscapes.

Example sentences of agrestic

1. The agrestic charm of the village attracted many urban dwellers seeking peace.
2. Her artwork beautifully captured the agrestic essence of rural life.
3. The agrestic festival celebrated traditions rooted in agricultural practices.
4. His agrestic attire stood out amidst the city's polished crowd.
5. The quaint cafe had an agrestic vibe, with wooden tables and fresh flowers.
6. That old barn has an agrestic beauty that modern structures lack.

History and etymology of agrestic

The adjective 'agrestic' has its roots in Latin, specifically from the Latin word 'agrestis,' which means 'pertaining to the fields' or 'rural.' It is derived from 'ager,' which means 'field' or 'land.' The term 'agrestic' made its way into English in the 17th century, and it refers to anything that is rural, rustic, or characteristic of the countryside or agricultural life. When we describe something as 'agrestic,' we are essentially harkening back to its Latin origins, evoking the image of the countryside and its association with simplicity and pastoral beauty.

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Further usage examples of agrestic

1. Amidst the skyscrapers, the agrestic community garden offers a slice of the countryside.
2. The agrestic decor in the room reminded her of her grandmother's home.
3. He enjoyed agrestic weekends, escaping the urban hustle for serenity.
4. The play highlighted the agrestic values that shaped the protagonist's morals.
5. Their agrestic wedding took place in a meadow, surrounded by nature.
6. The restaurant's agrestic menu sourced ingredients directly from local farms.
7. With its cobblestone streets and thatched roofs, the town retained its agrestic aura.
8. Her agrestic melodies evoked memories of summers spent in the countryside.
9. The agrestic architecture of the inn provided a rustic getaway experience.
10. Visitors were enamored by the agrestic simplicity of life in the hamlet.
11. His poetry beautifully illustrated the agrestic rhythms of rural existence.
12. The agrestic lifestyle teaches us the importance of coexisting with nature.
13. Her paintings are a vibrant blend of modern themes and agrestic influences.
14. The agrestic scent of hay and fresh earth filled the early morning air.
15. Their agrestic crafts, made from natural materials, were a hit at the fair.
16. The village's agrestic charm was amplified during the harvest festival.
17. For many, the agrestic life symbolizes a return to authenticity and roots.
18. The filmmaker's agrestic vision was evident in the landscape shots and local narratives.
19. His agrestic anecdotes, filled with tales of the fields and forests, were captivating.


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