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How to pronounce alternative (audio)

Dictionary definition of alternative

A choice or option that is presented as an alternative to the usual or conventional one.
"He chose the alternative route to avoid heavy traffic."

Detailed meaning of alternative

It represents a different course of action or possibility that exists alongside the primary or mainstream option. An alternative provides an alternative way of doing or thinking about something, offering an alternative solution, approach, or perspective. It implies a departure from the traditional or standard path and encourages exploring different avenues. Whether it pertains to lifestyle choices, medical treatments, energy sources, or artistic expressions, alternatives provide diverse options that deviate from the norm. The concept of alternative fosters innovation, creativity, and the exploration of different ideas, fostering a sense of individuality and the freedom to choose from a range of possibilities.

Example sentences of alternative

1. She considered taking the scenic route as an alternative to the highway.
2. The alternative to a full-time job was freelancing for him.
3. Veganism is a popular alternative to a meat-based diet.
4. Solar energy is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
5. Meditation can be an effective alternative to medication.
6. His alternative suggestion sparked a lively debate.

History and etymology of alternative

The noun 'alternative' draws its origins from the Latin word 'alternativus,' which is derived from 'alternatus,' the past participle of 'alternare' (to alternate or interchange). 'Alternare' itself is formed from 'alternus,' meaning 'every other' or 'one after the other.' In the context of 'alternative' as a choice or option distinct from the conventional one, its etymology reflects the concept of presenting something in place of or in addition to the usual, suggesting a different path or course of action. This term encapsulates the idea of offering an alternative choice that deviates from the customary or established norm.

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Further usage examples of alternative

1. The school offered an alternative program for at-risk students.
2. We need to explore alternative solutions to this problem.
3. She presented an alternative approach to the project.
4. Public transportation is an eco-friendly alternative to driving.
5. The chef prepared a gluten-free alternative to the pasta dish.
6. Alternative medicine often incorporates holistic therapies.
7. This book provides an alternative perspective on history.
8. Their alternative rock band gained a cult following.
9. The alternative route saved them from heavy traffic.
10. The company is researching alternative packaging materials.
11. Recycling is an essential alternative to landfill disposal.
12. He proposed an alternative itinerary for the trip.
13. The store offers a variety of alternative clothing styles.
14. Electric cars are seen as an alternative to traditional vehicles.
15. We should consider alternative solutions to address this complex problem.
16. The alternative to using plastic bags is to bring your own reusable ones.
17. The company is exploring alternative energy sources to reduce its carbon footprint.
18. The alternative medicine approach focuses on holistic healing and natural remedies.
19. We need to find an alternative supplier for these materials due to a shortage.
20. He decided to pursue an alternative career path instead of following the traditional route.
21. The alternative to buying a new car is to consider a used vehicle.
22. The school offers alternative programs for students with different learning styles.
23. She presented an alternative design for the project that was well-received.
24. We can choose between two alternatives: staying at home or going out for dinner.
25. The conference offered workshops on alternative teaching methods and innovative practices.



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