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How to pronounce recourse (audio)

Dictionary definition of recourse

A person's ability or opportunity to seek help or protection from someone or something when faced with a problem or difficulty.
"The tenant had no recourse when the landlord refused to fix the broken heater."

Detailed meaning of recourse

It can also refer to a legal remedy available to someone who has been wronged or suffered harm. Recourse implies that there is a possibility of relief or assistance available, and that one has some means of seeking it. This may include options such as reaching out to authorities, seeking the assistance of a professional, or taking legal action. The concept of recourse is often associated with situations where one party has some form of power or advantage over another, and the party with less power must seek out external assistance to address the issue.

Example sentences containing recourse

1. When faced with discrimination, legal recourse is essential for justice.
2. She found herself without recourse in the face of bureaucratic red tape.
3. In the absence of diplomacy, war becomes the last recourse.
4. Victims of cybercrime often struggle to find recourse.
5. The international community must provide recourse for refugees.
6. Financial literacy programs offer a recourse for managing debt.

History and etymology of recourse

The noun 'recourse' finds its etymological roots in Old French, where it was derived from the word 'recourir,' meaning 'to resort to' or 'to go back.' This Old French term, in turn, was influenced by the Latin word 'recursus,' which also means 'a running back' or 'a return.' The idea behind 'recourse' is that when faced with a problem or difficulty, one 'returns' to a source of help, protection, or a solution. It implies the act of seeking assistance or relief from someone or something as a means of addressing a challenging situation, making it an integral part of human problem-solving throughout history.

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Further usage examples of recourse

1. Access to quality healthcare should be a universal recourse.
2. Consumer protection laws offer recourse against fraud.
3. Environmental regulations provide a recourse against pollution.
4. The internet serves as a valuable recourse for information.
5. Human rights organizations offer recourse for oppressed individuals.
6. In emergencies, knowing your options for recourse is crucial.
7. Legal aid organizations assist those with limited recourse.
8. Social support networks can be a vital recourse in times of crisis.
9. Ethical guidelines provide recourse for professional misconduct.
10. Public awareness campaigns are a recourse for social change.
11. Community mediation programs offer a peaceful recourse for disputes.
12. Public opinion can be a powerful recourse in a democracy.
13. The judicial system should ensure equal recourse for all citizens.
14. Alternative dispute resolution methods offer quicker recourse.
15. The victim had no recourse but to file a complaint with the police.
16. The company provided a customer service hotline as a recourse for complaints.
17. The athlete's only recourse was to file an appeal with the sports federation.
18. The employee had no recourse when they were unfairly terminated by the employer.
19. The only recourse for the homeowner was to take legal action against the contractor.
20. The student had no recourse but to drop out of the class after failing the final exam.
21. The customer had no recourse when the store refused to accept the return of the defective product.
22. The patient had no recourse when the doctor made a mistake during surgery.
23. The debtor's only recourse was to negotiate a payment plan with the creditor.
24. The homeowner had recourse to a home warranty program when the air conditioning system broke down.
25. The borrower had no recourse when the lender increased the interest rate on the loan.



option, obstruction, hindrance, barrier


High School 15, SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Protection and Avoidance

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