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pain-relieving, pain-inducing, painful, aggravating



How to pronounce analgesic (audio)

Dictionary definition of analgesic

Having pain-relieving properties or the ability to alleviate pain.
"Natural remedies such as lavender oil can have analgesic properties."

Detailed meaning of analgesic

It is commonly associated with medications or substances that are specifically designed to reduce or eliminate pain, such as analgesic drugs. These substances work by interfering with the transmission of pain signals in the nervous system or by reducing inflammation, ultimately providing relief from discomfort. The term "analgesic" can also be used in a broader sense to describe any method, treatment, or intervention that alleviates pain, whether it involves medication, physical therapy, or other therapeutic approaches. In essence, "analgesic" signifies a quality or property that has the capacity to mitigate or alleviate pain, making it a valuable concept in the field of medicine and healthcare.

Example sentences of analgesic

1. The analgesic effect of the medication helped to relieve the patient's pain.
2. Analgesic drugs are commonly used in pain management.
3. The dentist applied an analgesic spray to numb the patient's gums before the procedure.
4. Some people prefer to use analgesic creams instead of oral medication for localized pain.
5. The doctor prescribed an analgesic patch to be applied to the patient's shoulder.
6. Heat therapy and analgesic gel can be effective in treating muscle soreness.

History and etymology of analgesic

The adjective 'analgesic' is rooted in ancient Greek. It is derived from the Greek words 'an,' meaning 'without,' and 'álgos,' which translates to 'pain.' When combined, they form 'analgēsikos,' which pertains to the absence or relief of pain. This etymology reflects the core purpose of analgesics, which are substances or medications designed to alleviate or mitigate pain. Analgesics play a crucial role in medicine and pain management, as they provide relief from discomfort and suffering. The term 'analgesic' underscores its historical and linguistic connection to the relief of pain, making it an essential concept in the field of healthcare and pain relief.

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Further usage examples of analgesic

1. The analgesic effect of acupuncture can be helpful for chronic pain conditions.
2. The pharmacist recommended an analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication for the patient's headache.
3. The effectiveness of an analgesic treatment depends on the type and severity of the pain.
4. Analgesic medication should always be taken as prescribed to avoid adverse effects.
5. Patients with chronic pain conditions may require long-term use of analgesic drugs.
6. She took an analgesic to relieve her headache.
7. The doctor prescribed an analgesic for his chronic pain.
8. The massage therapist used an analgesic cream to ease muscle soreness.
9. The analgesic effect of the medication provided relief after surgery.
10. He relied on an analgesic balm for his arthritis pain.
11. The dentist used an analgesic spray before the procedure.
12. The soothing tea had a mild analgesic effect on her sore throat.
13. The chiropractor recommended an analgesic gel for back pain.
14. The ointment had analgesic properties that eased the burn.
15. The athlete used an analgesic patch to manage sports injuries.
16. She applied an analgesic lotion to reduce joint pain.
17. The herbal remedy had natural analgesic qualities.
18. He sought an analgesic solution for his persistent migraines.
19. The doctor recommended an analgesic injection for severe pain.
20. The heat pack had an analgesic effect on his muscle cramps.
21. The ice pack provided analgesic relief for the bruise.
22. The analgesic medication dulled the post-surgery discomfort.
23. The nurse administered an analgesic to ease the patient's pain.
24. The acupuncture treatment had an analgesic impact on her back pain.
25. The pharmacist offered various analgesic options for pain management.


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