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How to pronounce androgynous (audio)

Dictionary definition of androgynous

Having characteristics of both sexes or being neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine.
"The fashion model had an androgynous look that blurred traditional gender boundaries."

Detailed meaning of androgynous

In terms of gender identity, an androgynous person may identify as both a man and a woman, or neither. In terms of physical appearance, an androgynous person may have traits that are traditionally associated with both men and women, such as a mix of masculine and feminine hairstyles, clothing, or mannerisms.

In biology, androgynous organisms can refer to species that have both male and female reproductive organs, and can self-fertilize.

In literature and culture, androgynous characters and figures can challenge traditional gender roles and expectations, and can be seen as a symbol of fluidity and change in gender norms.

Overall, Androgynous refers to having characteristics of both sexes or being neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine, it can be used to describe a person's gender identity, physical appearance, or biology, and it challenges traditional gender roles and expectations.

Example sentences of androgynous

1. The artist's androgynous style challenges traditional notions of gender in fashion.
2. Sam's androgynous look has made them a popular model for both men's and women's wear.
3. The singer's androgynous voice adds an intriguing layer to their soulful ballads.
4. In the play, an androgynous character serves as a mediator between male and female roles.
5. The clothing line features androgynous designs that appeal to a broad range of customers.
6. Jamie's androgynous features often make it difficult for people to guess their gender.

History and etymology of androgynous

The adjective 'androgynous' derives its etymology from the combination of two ancient Greek words: 'andro,' which means 'man' or 'male,' and 'gune,' which means 'woman' or 'female.' The fusion of these elements in ancient Greek, 'andros' and 'gune,' gave rise to 'androgynos,' describing something that possesses characteristics of both sexes or is neither distinctly masculine nor distinctly feminine. Over time, this term has been adapted into English as 'androgynous' to signify individuals or things that exhibit a blending of male and female traits or a lack of clear gender distinctions. The etymology of 'androgynous' illustrates its historical connection to the concept of gender ambiguity and underscores the fluidity of gender expression and identity.

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Further usage examples of androgynous

1. The androgynous aesthetic of the film captures the fluidity of its characters' identities.
2. The fashion industry has seen a rise in androgynous models challenging gender norms.
3. Alex prefers an androgynous haircut, finding it liberating to defy conventional styles.
4. The ancient deity was often depicted with an androgynous appearance, embodying dualities.
5. Taylor's androgynous wardrobe mixes masculine tailoring with feminine textures and colors.
6. The novel's androgynous protagonist offers a fresh perspective on traditional gender roles.
7. Androgynous clothing options are becoming more widely available in mainstream stores.
8. The sculpture had an androgynous form, blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity.
9. In mythology, androgynous figures often possess unique wisdom or magical abilities.
10. The androgynous name chosen for their child reflects the parents' progressive values.
11. The band's androgynous lead singer has become a cultural icon for gender nonconformity.
12. Quinn enjoys androgynous fashion, blending elements from different gender presentations.
13. The perfume is androgynous, designed to be worn by people of all gender identities.
14. With an androgynous elegance, the actor's performance transcended conventional categorization.
15. The artist expressed their identity through androgynous fashion choices and hairstyles.
16. The androgynous character in the film challenged societal norms of masculinity and femininity.
17. The fashion industry embraced the androgynous trend, featuring gender-neutral clothing on the runway.
18. The androgynous fashion was a new trend in the industry.
19. The musician's androgynous voice captivated audiences, transcending gender stereotypes.
20. The androgynous style of the clothing line appealed to individuals seeking non-binary fashion options.
21. The androgynous actor portrayed the character with a delicate balance of masculine and feminine qualities.
22. The androgynous hairstyle featured a short cut with soft, flowing layers.
23. The androgynous makeup look emphasized neutral tones and blended features.



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