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How to pronounce genderless (audio)

Dictionary definition of genderless

Devoid of or does not conform to traditional gender distinctions.
"The toy company introduced a line of genderless dolls to promote inclusivity and diversity."

Detailed meaning of genderless

It signifies the absence of a gender identity or the absence of characteristics typically associated with a specific gender. The term "genderless" challenges the binary understanding of gender, which traditionally categorizes individuals as either male or female. Instead, it acknowledges and embraces a more fluid and non-binary concept of gender, recognizing that gender identity can exist along a spectrum rather than being limited to two categories. The term "genderless" can be applied to various aspects of society, including fashion, language, and social norms, as it encourages inclusivity and equality by disregarding or transcending traditional gender roles and expectations. By describing something or someone as genderless, it recognizes and respects the diversity and complexity of human experiences and identities beyond the binary understanding of gender.

Example sentences containing genderless

1. The fashion designer created a genderless collection that could be worn by people of any gender identity.
2. The artist's genderless artwork challenged traditional gender norms and stereotypes.
3. The school implemented a genderless bathroom policy to accommodate students of all gender identities.
4. The author wrote a genderless character in their novel to represent a broader range of experiences.
5. The clothing brand advertised genderless clothing options that catered to individuals regardless of their gender identity.
6. The organization held a genderless parenting workshop to educate parents on raising children without strict gender roles.

History and etymology of genderless

The adjective 'genderless' is a compound word formed by combining 'gender,' which refers to the social and cultural roles, behaviors, and expectations associated with being male or female, and the suffix '-less,' which indicates the absence or lack of something. While the term 'genderless' doesn't have a deep historical etymology like many other words, it effectively conveys the concept of being devoid of or not conforming to traditional gender distinctions. It reflects a growing awareness and acceptance of gender diversity and non-binary identities in contemporary discussions surrounding gender, emphasizing the idea that some individuals may not align with or adhere to the binary categories of male and female.

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Further usage examples of genderless

1. The company adopted a genderless dress code, allowing employees to dress in a way that aligned with their personal style.
2. The online platform offered a genderless pronoun option to accommodate individuals who prefer not to be referred to by gendered pronouns.
3. The hairstylist specialized in genderless haircuts, providing versatile and inclusive styles for all clients.
4. The beauty brand launched a genderless skincare line with products designed for all skin types and needs.
5. The dance troupe performed a genderless choreography that defied traditional gender expectations in the art form.The fashion show featured genderless clothing designs.
6. They promote a genderless approach to parenting.
7. The store offers a range of genderless fragrances.
8. Genderless bathrooms provide inclusivity for all.
9. The artist's work challenges traditional gender norms.
10. Genderless fashion encourages self-expression.
11. The campaign advocates for a genderless society.
12. The concept of a genderless future is gaining traction.
13. They embrace a genderless approach to relationships.
14. The book explores the idea of a genderless world.
15. The brand's makeup line is designed to be genderless.
16. Genderless pronouns are becoming more widely accepted.
17. The school promotes a genderless dress code.
18. Genderless toys are becoming more popular among parents.
19. The film explores the lives of genderless individuals.
20. Genderless names are becoming increasingly common.
21. The company's hiring policies are genderless.
22. The concept of a genderless deity challenges traditions.
23. Genderless bathrooms are a step toward equality.
24. They embrace a genderless identity with pride.



unisex, gendered, male, female


Suffix -less, Anomaly and Difference, Variety and Diversity, Identity and Representation

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