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Definition of 'annihilation'

The act or process of completely destroying or eradicating something, often to the point of complete extinction or obliteration.
"The sci-fi novel depicted a post-apocalyptic world on the brink of annihilation."

Detailed Meaning of 'annihilation'

It signifies the total elimination or eradication of an object, entity, or concept, leaving no trace behind. In a physical sense, 'annihilation' can describe the complete destruction of a city, a species, or even an entire planet. Secondly, 'annihilation' can represent the state of complete nothingness or nonexistence. It implies the absence of any form of existence or consciousness. In certain philosophical or metaphysical contexts, 'annihilation' alludes to the idea of ceasing to exist in any form, whether in a physical, spiritual, or conceptual sense. Overall, 'annihilation' encompasses the notions of complete destruction, eradication, and the absence of existence.


Examples of 'annihilation' in a Sentence

1. The nuclear explosion resulted in the annihilation of the city.
2. Environmental degradation can lead to the annihilation of species.
3. The goal was the annihilation of the enemy's forces.
4. His ruthless tactics sought the annihilation of his rivals.
5. The annihilation of the virus was a medical breakthrough.
6. The asteroid's impact could result in the annihilation of life.

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Origins & Etymology of 'annihilation'

The noun 'annihilation' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'annihilatio,' which is derived from 'annihilare,' a combination of 'ad-' (meaning 'to') and 'nihil' (meaning 'nothing'). Therefore, 'annihilation' fundamentally conveys the idea of reducing something to nothing, obliteration, or complete destruction. Its etymology underscores the magnitude of the act or process, emphasizing the total and thorough eradication of something, often to the point of its complete extinction. The term 'annihilation' captures the sense of an overwhelming and irreversible force that leaves nothing in its wake, illustrating the devastating nature of this concept.


How to pronounce annihilation (audio)


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