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How to pronounce elimination (audio)

Dictionary definition of elimination

The act or process of completely removing, eradicating, or getting rid of something or someone.
"The elimination of outdated regulations allowed for greater innovation in the industry."

Detailed meaning of elimination

The noun "elimination" refers to It implies the deliberate and thorough elimination of a particular entity, whether it be a substance, an obstacle, a problem, or an individual. Elimination often involves the complete cessation or annihilation of the subject, leaving no trace or presence behind. It can be applied in various contexts, such as elimination of waste or toxins from the body, elimination of a disease or virus, elimination of a competitor in a game or competition, or elimination of unnecessary steps or elements in a process. The term "elimination" denotes a purposeful and decisive action aimed at complete removal or eradication, ultimately leading to the absence or nonexistence of the targeted entity.

Example sentences containing elimination

1. The goal of the game is to survive until the final elimination round.
2. The company implemented a new system for waste elimination and recycling.
3. The elimination of unnecessary expenses helped improve the company's financial stability.
4. The team celebrated their victory in the elimination match, securing their spot in the finals.
5. The doctor prescribed a medication to aid in the elimination of toxins from the patient's body.
6. The elimination of a particular ingredient enhanced the flavor of the recipe.

History and etymology of elimination

The noun 'elimination' stems from the same Latin origins as its corresponding verb, 'eliminate.' It is derived from the Latin word 'eliminatio,' which is formed by combining 'e,' meaning 'out of,' and 'liminatio,' derived from 'limen,' meaning 'threshold' or 'door.' Initially, 'eliminatio' referred to the literal act of expelling or removing something from a place or building. Over time, the term's meaning expanded to encompass the broader concept of the act or process of completely removing, eradicating, or getting rid of something or someone, whether it be a physical object, a problem, a threat, or a condition. In contemporary English, 'elimination' continues to signify the deliberate and thorough removal or eradication of unwanted elements or issues, emphasizing the comprehensive nature of the process.

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Further usage examples of elimination

1. The competition had multiple rounds of elimination, narrowing down the participants.
2. The strategic elimination of opponents one by one ensured the team's victory.
3. The company's restructuring plan involved the elimination of certain departments to increase efficiency.
4. The elimination of pests from the garden required regular maintenance and pesticide use.
5. The judge announced the elimination of the least talented contestant from the singing competition.
6. The elimination of waste is crucial for environmental sustainability.
7. Elimination of outdated policies can foster progress.
8. Effective elimination of pests requires professional help.
9. The elimination of distractions improves productivity.
10. Fair competition relies on the elimination of cheating.
11. The elimination of barriers promotes equal opportunities.
12. Rapid elimination of threats is vital in emergency response.
13. The elimination of prejudice is a long-term societal goal.
14. Successful elimination of debt requires financial discipline.
15. Strict security measures ensure the elimination of breaches.
16. Timely elimination of errors prevents costly setbacks.
17. The elimination of toxins is essential for good health.
18. Strategic elimination of rivals can secure market dominance.
19. Political alliances aim for the elimination of common threats.
20. The elimination of redundancy streamlines processes.
21. Targeted elimination of expenses can boost profitability.
22. Teamwork is essential for the elimination of project bottlenecks.
23. The elimination of noise enhances concentration.
24. Comprehensive education is key to the elimination of ignorance.
25. International cooperation can aid in the elimination of global challenges.



removal, retention, addition, introduction


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