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How to pronounce antics (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'antics'

Playful or funny actions, behaviors, or gestures that are often unconventional, entertaining, or even mischievous in nature.
"The children's playful antics brought joy to the family gathering."

Detailed Meaning of 'antics'

When we talk about "antics," we are typically referring to amusing and often exaggerated physical movements or behaviors that are intended to elicit laughter or amusement from others. These actions are usually lighthearted and spontaneous, reflecting a sense of humor and a desire to entertain. People engage in antics during playful moments, celebrations, or when trying to create a jovial atmosphere. The term can also be used to describe the quirky or eccentric behaviors of individuals or characters that add charm, humor, or unpredictability to a situation, making it more enjoyable and memorable.

History and Etymology of 'antics'

The noun 'antics' has its etymological origins in Italian. It is derived from the Italian word 'antico,' which means 'ancient' or 'old.' In its original Italian form, 'antico' referred to theatrical or dramatic performances that often included playful and humorous actions or gestures. These performances, rooted in ancient traditions, were known for their entertaining and sometimes unconventional or mischievous nature. Over time, as the word transitioned into English, it came to describe any playful or funny actions, behaviors, or gestures, often with a touch of whimsy or eccentricity. Therefore, the etymology of 'antics' reflects its historical connection to ancient theatrical performances that were characterized by humor, making it an apt term to describe playful and entertaining behaviors or gestures, whether on stage or in everyday life.

Examples of 'antics' in a Sentence

1. The group of friends often reminisced about their youthful antics.
2. The monkey's antics at the zoo had visitors laughing and taking photos.
3. Her attention-seeking antics were a cry for help.
4. The comedian's slapstick antics were a hit with the crowd.
5. The actor's off-screen antics were often the subject of tabloid gossip.
6. The dog's mischievous antics got him into all sorts of trouble.
7. The children's wild antics in the park were a testament to their energy.
8. The politician's controversial antics made headlines around the world.
9. The cat's acrobatic antics amazed everyone who saw them.
10. Their late-night antics at the sleepover included ghost stories and midnight snacks.
11. The YouTube star's online antics had millions of followers.
12. The class clown's antics sometimes disrupted the teacher's lesson.
13. The comedian's improvisational antics kept the audience engaged.
14. The famous duo's comedic antics on television made them household names.





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